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Quatro Studios Water System
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PostPosted: 01 Jan 2010, 22:31 
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Original thread (Spanish):


Some days ago, I finished the water system (done in-house) for the simulator project.

I know this is not too much railroad-related, but it had to be done. This has been the hardest and most time consuming job to date, so I'm very happy to have finished it.

The definitive water system will be used for maritime, lake and river environments. The last one will work when I implement the system of editable splines that will use railways, roads, paths, etc. and that will also be used for rivers and water streams.

Its definitive properties are:

    - Dynamic mesh with continuous and deformable LOD (optionally depending on the local graphics capabilities) for great wave length swell (greater than 2.5m).
    - Cut function for the mesh borders that overrun the borders of the terrain containing the water (function that I haven't seen in any other simulators)
    - Dynamic bump mapping shader to add small wave length swell:
      - Length adjustable in real time.
      - Direction and speed adjustable, for the moment, manually in real time (it's easy to bind to the wind's direction and speed so it corresponds with the meteorological conditions). In rivers, the swell can be directed according to the river's direction, and it's speed and length according to the river's slope.
    - Water with complete real time scene reflections (optional) and with a configurable reflection and refraction texture.
    - Distortion of the water's translucent interior vision from outside the water according to Fresnel's Law.
    - Distortion of the exterior vision from under the water according to Fresnel's Law.
    - Distortion of the dynamic shadows projected from outside of the water onto the bottom of it.
    - Water tint adjustable with RGB color

Now the screens:

The water adapts to the terrain recipient automatically with a single click. The water's height will be that of the point in the terrain where the click is made:


Sun reflection:


Reflection distortion according to the swell (sunset):


Vision from under the water at sunset:


Artificial lighting over the water:


Night vision from under the water:


Night vision of the Moon from under the water:


Great flooding of very clean water... reflections can be seen, all the submerged objects and the seabed dynamically distorted by the swell.


Another one:


And yet another:


And the Moon's reflection:



Paco Rodríguez. Equipo Quattro Studios

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